Franciscus Junius (1591-1677) and the Bodleian Library

François Junius 
*21.1 x 13.3 cm 

Philologist Franciscus Junius [Francis Du Jon] (1591-1677) was appointed librarian to the Earl of Arundel in 1620, becoming mentor and instructor to De Vere, Earl of Oxford, who would serve in the Dutch army from 1642 to 1646. During his stay at Arundel House he began his studies in Anglo-Saxon literature. He returned to Holland in 1650 where he published his Paraphrase of Caedmon in 1655. He also published a study on early Teutonic languages together with a fellow scholar of Anglo-Saxon, Thomas Marshall, who had been exiled from Oxford in 1648 because of his Royalist sympathies. In 1674, Junius repaired to Oxford spending his last years with his nephew Isaac Vossius, Canon of Windsor. He left his collection of books and Anglo-Saxon manuscripts along with a set of documents he had transcribed from Old English to the Bodleian Library.