A Notice to our Readers

Dear readers of this Blog –  you will have noticed that we have not published a single entry for some time now. Busy with our London Immigrants and with our first publication.

Streetwise has become a Book with everything that makes a book more interesting than a blog: a new and different sequence that gives the content a new and – we think – interesting rhythm of its own.

It is a digital book that you can read and download here: http://issuu.com/bookhistory/docs/streetwise_f53b04df393fff. It is free and we think it is fun. Download it, read it, give it as a present on a memorystick to people you love or like. It deserves it. And tell us what you think of it.

The printed book is not dead, nor will it die. We believe in the book as a real book: something you can keep in your hands. And so we are going to have this book printed and bound in a hardcover. We think that you will love it and hope of course that you will buy it for 65 dollar / euro. If so please contact Paul Dijstelberge  p.dijstelberge@uva.nl.

The first print run will be ready by the end of July. It will be delivered to you by one of the foremost Dutch booksellers. We have not yet figured out how much the postage will be, but as soon as we know what it weights, we will add that information here.

We are now going to continue with Streetwise and we hope that you will enjoy our new series