Coleman Street (City of London) 190AD-225AD : Architecture, Public Works, Romans 

Coleman Street is a one-way road that runs from Gresham Street to London Wall. Part of the original Roman London city wall was found between Coleman Street and Basinghall Street in 1957. It was constructed by the Romans as part of an extensive programme of public works between approximately AD 190 and AD 225. It served to form the basis of the protection of the town far into the medieval period, and was also a key factor in determining the shape and development of both Roman and medieval London. 

The uniformity of design and construction of the wall suggests that it was planned as a single project. It enclosed the whole of the landward side of the town from Tower Hill to Blackfriars. It was laid out in straight sections, linking the major routes into London, and gateways were constructed at the points of entry at Aldgate, Bishopsgate, Newgate and Ludgate. The defensive nature of much of the Wall’s circuit was strengthened by an external ditch. Internally, it was strengthened by a bank of earth.